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Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.
— – Harriet Van Horne

 Kindly give a 4 hour notice for all local dates

1h |a la carte| 350

1.5h |aperitif| 500

2hr |hors d'oeuvres| 700

3hr |entree| 1000

4hr |plat principal| 1200

6hr |Pâtisserie| 1500

14hr |Eaux-de-vie| 2500

24hr |Bed & Breakfast| 3500

48hr |fête des jours| 4500

Available To couPles:

+200 (1.5h minimum)


+150 (requires 6H+ notice)

Fly me to you available


4h minimum plus travel & AccomModations


6h minimum plus travel & accommodations

In the following cities kindly +100 to aforementioned rates: NYC & LA


Deposit: 25% for dates 2h+ otherwise 100

outcall: +100

in date extension: +300

additional day: +1000

dates 3h+: must include public time or room service

dates 14h+: must include uninterrupted sleep of at least 6 hours